The PRESStinely approach is simple -

  1. Partner with authors to guide them through the entire publishing process or fix what they attempted to do on their own as a self-published author.
  2. Customize every package offered to fit each authors needs.
  3. Provide the vision, skills, and tools necessary to ensure success. When our clients succeeds, we succeed.
  4. Identify gaps and opportunities to use the book to build a brand efficiently.
  5. Become our client's “right and left hands” and bring their creative vision to life.


Publishing and Consulting Services



Deciding to be an author is terrific; determining to be a published author is impressive; deciding to properly write, edit, design, market and launch your book is a must. Collaboratively, we strategically move through the publishing process ensuring self-publishing mistakes are avoided and the end product is not only a book you are proud of but will be used as a tool to build your brand. You should spend as much time publishing and marketing your book as you did writing it, together we will leave a mark on the world.

Book & Brand Building


Being an author of a book is an incredible accomplishment, and now you have a valuable tool to help build your brand. As a published author doors will open that were not open to you before. If a campaign is created and implemented correctly, it will create opportunities that will generate greater financial success and will make you an authority in your niche. If you spend as much time marketing your book as you did writing and publishing it - you will stand out from all the noise and create the brand you dreamed of.

Marketing & Media


You are a published author and, you have built your brand, but have you generated the sales and revenue you thought you would? Without a carefully planned marketing strategy explicitly created for your brand, you are just wasting time and money. Content marketing changes instantly and so should your marketing strategy. A specific strategy is designed, implemented and managed for optimization and results are analyzed, and adjustments are made accordingly. Our approach is not just marketing; it’s a game changer.